Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Leaking roof from a storm

The winds opened up a gaping hole that allowed the rainwater to enter the attic and seep down into the ceiling, apron, and walls of this home in . We covered the roof with a tarp to prevent further water damage before we began the drying out and the restoration of the house. SERVPRO of Warren County  is herr when ever you need us. (513)932-3649


SERVPRO of Warren County has the capability to respond to any size event whether it be a small flood in a basement or a sprinkler system in at a commercial property. Call us (513)932-3649


Did you know that lightning is the third largest storm-related killer in the U.S., causing nearly one billion dollars in damage per year? Those are some sobering statistics you may want to keep in mind the next time you are trying to decide whether to play one more hole of golf or hike an extra mile when a potential storm may be brewing. SERVPRO of Warren County (513)932-3649

Heavy rains

This is a photo of a residential water loss that affected mainly the basement do to a heavy rainstorm in February. SERVPRO of Warren County was able to act quickly and extract the water to prevent further damage and dry out the finished basement within a few days. Call us 24/7 (513)932-3649

Cold Temps

Beginning of January a HVAC unit malfunction on the fourth floor in a dorm. It was discovered on Monday at 6 AM. SERVPRO of Warren County  arrived on the job site around 9 AM. During our inspection SERVPRO discovered water on the fourth floor mechanical room, to the lower levels (third floor to the basement) primarily staying in the south wing but migrating to the north hallway. We was able to dry out the unfinished dorm within 3 days. 

Heavy rains

Storm damage occurred at this church facility when a heavy band of thunderstorms dumped an enormous amount of water into the area. This building was a brick build, and the gutters and drain pipes and sump pump just couldn’t handle the volume of water they received. So that left a lot of standing water in the landscaping beds around the building which eventually let the water into the facility.Call SERVPRO of Warren County 24/7 at (513)932-3649.

Stom damage?

Storm damage can require the use of sophisticated equipment and sometimes a great deal of it to deal with the water damage caused by the storm. SERVPRO of Warren County has the latest water extraction equipment, commercial air movers, and dehumidifiers loaded and ready to go when you need our help.

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